Polyfonia on yksi suurimmista suomalaisista epävirallisista Habbo-fanisivuista, joka on tarjonnut sisältöä vuodesta 2013 lähtien.

Mitä kaikkea toukokuu tuo tullessaan Habboon?

Mitä kaikkea toukokuu tuo tullessaan Habboon? Tämä artikkeli kertoo kaikki toukokuun tulevat huonepaketit ja muut sellaiset

Uusi: Victorian Crime Scene Bundle

Solving crimes, old school style. Antiques, curiosities and classic vibes all round! Built by BIBI983 (.FR)

Uusi: Baby Pet Bundles!

The baby pet bundles were overdue for a revamp and a refresh. New badges have been added to each, take a look!

Uusi: Sellable Room Bundles!

Habbos – HUGE news. You can now sell bundles you make to other Habbos, and get a slice of the profits! Check our recent website article and FAQs for details.


room.bundle.credit.price.too.low=Credit price too low.
room.bundle.ducket.price.too.high=Sorry, but the total ducket value of your bundle (%bundlePrice%) would exceed the purse’s ducket limit (%ducketLimit%).
room.bundle.purchase.confirmation=You’re buying a room bundle, which contains the room with the following items.
room.bundle.recall.success=Room bundle successfully recalled from sales.
room.bundle.rejected.items=Unfortunately the following items can’t be included in a room bundle:
room.bundle.submit.success=Room bundle submitted successfully. It can now be found in the navigator’s room bundle section.

earning.roombundlesale.description=%soldBundleAmountDuringBC% bundles sold during BC period.%soldBundleAmountDuringNonBC% bundles sold during non-BC period.By being a BC member you would have earned %moreCredits% more credits.
earnings.roombundle.label=Room bundle

Uusi: Rare Gold Dragon Credit Furni!

WOW IT’S A GOLD DRAGON. And it’s rare. And it’s worth 750 credits. What else do you need to know?

Koodi: CF_750_golddragon
Nimi: Gold Dragon

Uusi: Edwardian Blouse!

To go with the theme, we just released a pretty classic looking blouse. Although this one’s Edwardian, not Victorian. Museum piece, maybe?

Koodi: clothing_edwardianblouse
Nimi: clothing_edwardianblouse name

Uusi: Victorian items!

Victorian England was a pretty harsh place if you weren’t well off. We’re putting a Habbo spin on it and keeping it pixellated and… not brutal. Check out the furni we just released!

Koodi: antique_c21_laceparasol
Nimi: antique_c21_laceparasol name

Koodi: antique_c21_medicinebag
Nimi: antique_c21_medicinebag name

Koodi: antique_c21_desk
Nimi: antique_c21_desk name

Koodi: antique_c21_books
Nimi: antique_c21_books name

Koodi: antique_c21_detectiveposter
Nimi: antique_c21_detectiveposter name

Koodi: antique_c21_oldenrug
Nimi: antique_c21_oldenrug name

Koodi: antique_c21_lamp
Nimi: antique_c21_lamp name

Koodi: antique_c21_magnifyinglass
Nimi: antique_c21_magnifyinglass name

Koodi: antique_c21_doorteleport
Nimi: antique_c21_doorteleport name

Koodi: antique_c21_pennyfarthing
Nimi: antique_c21_pennyfarthing name

Koodi: antique_c21_teaset
Nimi: antique_c21_teaset name

Koodi: antique_c21_laceparasol
Nimi: antique_c21_laceparasol name

Koodi: antique_c21_mysterypie
Nimi: antique_c21_mysterypie name

Koodi: antique_c21_wallclock
Nimi: antique_c21_wallclock name

Koodi: antique_c21_armchair
Nimi: antique_c21_armchair name

Koodi: antique_c21_birdcage
Nimi: antique_c21_birdcage name

Uusi: Diamond Paintings!

New paintings just landed and to be honest they’re great. Get involved, take a look.

Koodi: diamond_painting53
Nimi: diamond_painting53 name

Koodi: diamond_painting54
Nimi: diamond_painting54 name

Koodi: diamond_painting55
Nimi: diamond_painting55 name

Koodi: diamond_painting56
Nimi: diamond_painting56 name

Koodi: diamond_painting57
Nimi: diamond_painting57 name

Koodi: diamond_painting58
Nimi: diamond_painting58 name

Koodi: diamond_painting59
Nimi: diamond_painting59 name

Koodi: diamond_painting60
Nimi: diamond_painting60 name

Koodi: diamond_painting61
Nimi: diamond_painting61 name

Koodi: diamond_painting62
Nimi: diamond_painting62 name

Koodi: diamond_painting63
Nimi: diamond_painting63 name

RARE Consulting Detective Outfit

Always nice when you can pick up an entire outfit in one go, right? This one’s a keeper. Even if you don’t like solving mysteries.

Koodi: clothing_r21_detectiveoutfit
Nimi: clothing_r21_detectiveoutfit name

RARE Spidery Waves

Strong hairstyle, will look GREAT in red. Are we right? Or are we right?

Koodi: clothing_r21_tousledwaves
Nimi: clothing_r21_tousledwaves name

RARE Silverback Gorilla

Who would win in a fight – this guy or one of the dinosaurs from the Jurassic Habbo events we did back in 2015? We’re going with this guy.

Koodi: animal_r21_gorilla
Nimi: animal_r21_gorilla name

RARE Cabinet of Curiosities

Curiosity killed the cat. But it doesn’t kill Habbos who just want to collect weird stuff, so indulge if you wish.

Koodi: antique_r21_curiocabinet
Nimi: antique_r21_curiocabinet name

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